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World News 28.08

Russia has mobilised new forces to send into the Ukrainian meat grinder, continued strikes of air industry staff paralyse airports, and Libya may be on the brink of a new civil war. This and much more are in the Sunday edition of World News.

Update from Ukraine

TVP World’s special correspondent in Ukraine, Don Arleth, was in Lviv. Don reported on the most recent developments in the conflict, including the morale of the civilian population and the evacuation of the Donbas region remaining under the control of Kyiv.

Russia mobilising new forces

Russian armed forces are mobilising new forces. The newly formed Russian 3rd Army Corps is currently being relocated to the border with Ukraine and is likely to soon join the combat zone on the front line. Russia hopes to re-animate its stalled offensive with this move.

Italy’s migrant crisis

The influx of migrants arriving at the Italian island of Lampedusa is intensifying. Despite the challenging maritime journey, dozens of boats are docking at the island’s ports daily, each carrying hundreds of individuals.

Rumours regarding the Pope’s retirement

Speculation that Pope Francis may step down from the Papacy, has increased. Although he has recently denied rumours of his retirement, the 85-year-old Catholic leader has previously mentioned the possibility of retiring someday.

Travel sector strike

The summer of 2022 has been characterised by widespread strike action in the travel sector. Industrial disputes and flight cancellations have led to delays across Europe. In Spain, the walkouts have been largely concentrated in the leading budget airlines: Ryanair and Easyjet.

Fighting in Libya

At least 32 people were killed and 159 injured in fighting in the capital of Libya, Tripoli. The violence escalated as rival factions from the east and west of the country fought for power. The coup attempt was unsuccessful, sparking concerns over the return of a full-blown civil war.

Deadly floods in Pakistan

The death toll from devastating monsoon rains and the resulting floods in Pakistan has reached almost one thousand. While the authorities struggle to help those in need, entire buildings are being washed away by torrents of flood water.

Notting Hill carnival

August Bank Holiday Weekend in London could mean only one thing, the Notting Hill Carnival, a joyous celebration of Caribbean culture. TVP World’s correspondent, Klaudia Czerwińska, visited the event on this beautiful Sunday afternoon to give us a taste of the celebrations taking place.

Artemis mission countdown

The Artemis space program is set to launch tomorrow with the Artemis I mission taking off from the NASA Kennedy Space Centre in Florida. Although the first mission is unmanned, it will kick off the next chapter in the history of humankind’s exploration of space, and has set its sights on landing on Mars in the future.

World News’ guest

Marcin Jeziorny of TVP Nauka, the Polish public broadcaster’s website dedicated to popularising science, and a space enthusiast, was invited to shed some light on the Artemis programme and the possibility of establishing human colonies on the Moon and Mars.

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