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World News 26.08

In this edition of World News, TVP World focuses on the developments in and around Europe’s largest nuclear power plant located in Ukraine’s Zaporizhzhia region, the unveiling of a new Polish-Slovak pipeline, and how Russians are bypassing European sanctions.

According to the Ukrainian nuclear energy operator, the largest nuclear power plant in Europe has been partially reconnected to the Ukrainian power grid. Just on Thursday, all the lines at the plant were disconnected. The Ukrainian government says that a nuclear disaster was narrowly escaped.

TVP World was joined by Ukrainian MP Oleksiy Goncharenko to shed more light on the issue.

A costly war

Since Russia invaded Ukraine, the Kremlin had to allocate billions of dollars to support its war effort. The fierce Ukrainian resistance has seriously hindered the Russian offensive capabilities. On the other hand, Russia can still attack Ukrainian territory with missiles and takes advantage of it.

A new Polish-Slovakian gas pipeline unveiled

The Prime Ministers of Poland and Slovakia inaugurated a new gas connection between the two countries. This is another energy solution which will make Central European countries less dependent on gas supplies from Russia.

Private Russians!

Despite the sanctions imposed on Russia for the unprovoked invasion of Ukraine, there are still thousands of Russian citizens coming over to Europe, including the families of government officials. According to the European Border Guard Agency, almost a million Russian nationals have come to Europe.

Stoltenberg visits Canda

NATO’s Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg and Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau toured a radar station in the Canadian Arctic. Their trip focused on Arctic security in the face of Finland and Sweden’s accession into NATO, as well as on the effects of climate change on the environment of the far north.

Empty pockets

Another day, another crisis – today the British energy regulator Ofgem announced that the price cap for the energy bill will increase to over GBP 3,500 this October, which to many families could translate into “fuel poverty”. TVP World’s London correspondent Klaudia Czerwińska was on the ground to tell us more.

Nuclear Japan?

A major upheaval could occur in East Asia with the possibility of Japan being admitted to the United States’ nuclear sharing program. Although this policy currently solely concerns NATO member states, countries such as China and Russia have drawn more attention to this idea.

Cyberattack in Estonia

Estonia recently has been hit by the most extensive cyberattacks. And if before attacks there went largely unnoticed, this morning Some of Estonia’s largest media have gone offline as a result of intensive cyber attacks.

Ukrainian band Boombox to play in Warsaw on Friday

Ukrainian band Boombox will play in Warsaw on Friday. The performers want to raise funds for the Ukrainian army to defend their homeland. No surprise there, as the band’s members are fighting in the Ukrainian army. But these artists aren’t the only ones raising money for military technology.

To learn more, click the video above.

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