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Pulse of Culture 26.09

In this episode of TVP World’s Pulse of Culture, our programme’s host Karolina Ciesielska zooms in on Riga, Latvia, where the dismantling of the largest Soviet monument, the largest in the Baltics, dedicated to the Soviet Army took place.

On Thursday, Riga saw a memorial dedicated to the Soviet Army dismantled. This was the largest Soviet monument in the Baltics. For many hours, crowds stood at a great distance to witness the epochal dismantling. Thousands were following the event online. The fall of the last element, namely a huge obelisk crowned with a Red Army star, was greeted with roaring applause.

The dismantling of the monument started already a few days ago on August 23. The day was not picked at random as it marks the 82nd anniversary of the signing of the Molotov-Ribbentrop pact which, to Latvia, meant the beginning of German occupation.

The remaining elements of the monument will be dismantled by November 15.

This episode also featured an exhibition of Ukrainian street artists organised by Olga Fedorova and Polina Ushenko, a Russian and a Ukrainian. The opening took place at London’s BSMT gallery.

Other events covered in this episode include the Polish-Ukrainian rock music festival Rock Night-Faine Misto, book stalls are making a comeback to Paris as pandemic retreats, and TVP Weekly’s English and Ukrainian editions.

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