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World News: 24.08

It’s been half a year of fighting and heroism of the Ukrainian people and endless humanitarian help provided by their allies. Today, World News takes a look at Ukraine’s 31st Independence day from the Soviet Union and the country’s struggle against Russian aggression.

Poland’s humanitarian aid to Ukraine

Six months ago Russia brutally attacked Ukraine, and it has been six months full of support and aid. Let’s take a look at how humanitarian aid to Ukraine has progressed in Poland.

Largest aid package for Ukraine

Coinciding with Ukraine’s Independence Day, The White House announced that the US will provide the country with another security assistance package. The USD 3 bn package is the largest Ukraine will receive from the United States so far.

Lithuania pushes for abolishment of tourist visas for Russians

Lithuania is pressing the European Union to stop issuing tourist visas for Russian citizens. If such a solution is not introduced, Gabrielius Landsbergis the minister of foreign affairs said that Lithuania together with other Baltic States and Poland would look for a regional solution.

TVP World’s guest

Urmas Reinsalu, the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Estonia, was World News’ guest today.

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