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Poland grants Ukraine almost EUR 4 bln in aid

Karina Sało/PAP

The value of aid to Ukraine given by Polish society now exceeds PLN 10 billion (EUR 2.11 billion), while the Polish state has given its neighbour over PLN 7 billion (EUR 1.48 billion) in military aid, a senior government official has said.

Michal Dworczyk, the head of the Prime Minister’s Office, who visited Ukraine last week, was asked by a public radio station about the situation in the country.

“We see that the determination, coupled with allied support from the West, has enabled the capital to be defended, has enabled territories originally held by the Russians to be regained,” Dworczyk said. “And now we’re supporting Ukraine with the hope that both in the west and the south the Ukrainians will defend their territory.”

He also praised the “great contribution of Polish society” to supporting Ukraine.

“I have read analyses that said that the sum is above PLN 10 billion,” he said. “I’m talking about support by individual people, by Polish citizens.”

He added that government support was divided into aid in Poland and that sent to Ukraine.

“The greatest part of that sent to Ukraine is support of a military nature,” Dworczyk explained. “Here the sum is above PLN 7 billion. That’s the value of military equipment sent to Ukraine.

“Every Russian tank destroyed in Ukraine is potentially less of a threat to Poland, potentially one tank less that could stand on the Russian-Polish or Belarusian-Polish border,” he added.

Dworczyk also said that during his visit to Ukraine he had heard thanks and gratitude everywhere for the support of Polish society and the government. 

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