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World News 21.08

A car bomb blast kills a Russian propagandist and daughter of the Kremlin idealogue, more and more European countries stop issuing tourist visas to Russians, and German Chancellor Scholz’s support continues to plummet. This and much more in the Sunday edition of World News.

179th day of war

TVP World’s correspondent in Ukraine, Sally Jastrzębska on the latest developments in Ukraine on the 179th day of the full-scale Russian invasion of the country.

Zaporizhzhia power plant

Further shelling of the Zaporizhzhia power plant by Russian forces has been reported. Experts analyse the possible impact of a nuclear incident.

Russian propagandist assassinated

Russian propagandist, journalist, and political commentator Darya Dugina was assassinated with a car bomb. The target of the attack was most likely her father, Aleksandr Dugin, a prominent Russian political idealogue supportive of Vladimir Putin. Both father and daughter were known for their outspoken support of Russia’s war in Ukraine.

Russian tourists banned from European countries

In the summer months, the top question for most people is where to go on vacation. However, sanctions slapped on Moscow due to Putin’s war mean that Russian tourists are forced to cancel vacations in their favourite European resorts and more EU countries are joining in the plan to stop issuing visas to Russian nationals.

Russian war crimes

Since the outbreak of Russia’s war in Ukraine, the country’s own prosecutors and specialists in The Hague have been investigating war crimes committed by Russian troops on Ukrainian soil. One instance of how international courts can punish war criminals is the international trial of Serbian leader Slobodan Milošević in the mid-2000s.

Dropping support for Chancellor Scholz

German Chancellor Olaf Scholz is losing support according to recent opinion polls. The head of the German government came under criticism for a corruption scandal and the country’s heavy reliance on Russian gas in the face of the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

Summer of disconent in the UK

Employees of the Felixstowe port went on strike, causing serious disruption in the biggest container port in the British Isles. Amidst soaring costs of living, the Felixstowe Dock and Railway Company offered a 7 percent pay rise, but the workers’ union says “it’s not enough”.

Siege of Mogadishu hotel ends

The deadly hotel siege in Mogadishu came to an end. After over a 30-hour stand-off, Somali security forces managed to break through defences laid down by the jihadists.

Taiwanese monks for peace

As the Chinese military continues to exert pressure on Taiwan, a delegation from the island’s Buddhist centre of Dharma Drum Mountain headed by the Venerable Chi Chern, quietly gathered in front of the gates of Warsaw’s University of Life Sciences to recall the first trip made to Poland by the late Sheng-yen, Buddhist patriarch of China.

Festival Polonaise

Festival Polonaise, a celebration of Polish culture in the United States is coming to an end. The event saw members of the Polish diaspora and their American friends share their experiences and enjoy traditional Polish cuisine.

World News’ guest

Sally Jastrzębska interviewed Sir Geoffrey Nice, barrister, former prosecutor in the Slobodan Milošević trial, and the head of the Uyghur Tribunal, who was asked what to do about Russian war crimes in Ukraine.

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