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Pulse of Culture 17.08

In this episode of TVP World’s Pulse of Culture, our programme’s host Agata Konarska took a closer look at the apology from the Academy Museum of Motion Pictures to Sacheen Littlefeather, almost 50 years after her passionate speech during the Academy Awards, drawing attention to the treatment of Native Americans in the entertainment industry.

“In 1973, Sacheen Littlefeather, a member of the Screen Actors Guild, became the first Native woman to stand onstage at the Academy Awards ceremony, on behalf of Marlon Brando. At his request, Littlefeather did not accept Brando’s Best Actor award for The Godfather and gave a passionate 60-second speech regarding the stereotypes of Native Americans in the entertainment industry,” the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences wrote on their website.

This episode also featured the Karaim Music Map, an album focusing on the culture of the Karaim people, the smallest minority in Poland. It traces the journey made by the Karaim community from Warsaw to Crimea. The songs, interpreted by Karolina Cicha and performed by the Karaims, can be seen at concerts in cities around Lithuania.

Other events covered in this episode include the Paradyż Music Festival, the anniversary of Elvis Presley’s death and the clay sculptures built on the banks of Switzerland’s Toleure river.

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