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ECHR should join Lithuania’s legal case against Russia: Expert

The Russian aggression against Ukraine was marked by countless human rights violations since the start. On Friday, Lithuania asked the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) to join its legal case against Russia. To discuss this issue TVP World invited Alexander Khrebet, a journalist working at the Kyiv Independent.

According to Mr Khrebet, the ECHR should respond positively to Lithuania’s application, because the usual jurisdictional practice in these types of cases is “that the victim doesn’t judge its own abuser”.

The specifics of the case in question involve abuse of human rights in general, especially in the occupied territories, ranging from torture, kidnappings, killings to blocking food and medicines for those in need.

The journalist also spoke about Russian assets frozen by different countries and whether they should be seized and used to help Ukraine.

Mr Khrebet pointed out that the countries that froze Russian assets are still waiting, as they do not want to push Russia too much with Moscow already threatening Ukrainian allies with certain response measures.

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