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Pulse of Culture 12.08

The National Library of France has gathered almost 20,000 computer games, consoles and artefacts connected to vintage computer technology.

This collection is the largest of its kind in the world. The curators of the library believe that computer games duly constitute a part of modern humanity’s heritage. According to Laurent Duploy, the Director of the Library’s Multimedia Department, video games are an example of “total art”, as they combine visual art, narrative art, narrative structures (not necessarily elaborate ones), and music. The collection is being studied by researchers of comparative culture, who are comparing the narrative structures of video games to those of novels.

Other cultural going-ons around the world discussed in the programme are: “Irena”, a musical telling the story of one of Polish “Righteous Among the Nations”, will premiere in Poznań on August 27; Tunisian artists prove that old shoes can become works of art; “Ballads and Romances” concert, celebrating the works of Polish Romantic poet Adam Mickiewicz; the illustrator of “Le Petit Nicolas”, Jean-Jacques Sempé, passes away at age of 89.

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