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Russian Wunderwaffe – inflatable S-400 rocket launchers

Watching the propaganda on Russian television makes one feel like watching a sitcom. Or perhaps taking some designer drug. Or both. For instance, one can witness an S-400’s rocket-launching system’s suspicious susceptibility to windy weather conditions…

Back in the 1940s, when the Allies were preparing for the invasion in Normandy to liberate the Nazi-occupied Europe from the grip of a murderous, genocidal regime, the allied forces established a fictional army, made up of dummy inflatable tanks, airplanes, and other military equipment. It was all a part of the larger Operation Fortitude.

To lend credence to existence of the fictional army, the Allies produced a lot of radio chatter between the supposed units within the forces that were supposed to invade at Calais, all that in order to distract the Nazis from the actual target of the invasion: Normandy.

The cunning men and women who pretended to make up tens of thousands of Allied forces ready to storm the beaches of Pas-de-Calais successfully threw the Boche off the scent.

This is not their story.

We are now in Russian-occupied Crimea, 2022.

And a TV crew from the Kremlin-controlled RT (formerly: Russia Today) is interviewing an officer of the Russian Armed Forces, with an S-400 rocket launcher in the background.

Behold: the might of Russian rocket forces:

Tajna Broń rosji: Rakiety w technologii Zeppelin.

— AntyAnty (@AntyAnty77) August 10, 2022

“Maskirovka” is the Russian word for “military deception”.

It is hard to determine what we are looking at here. Whatever is the antonym of “deception”.


(Because it is made of rubber and has an elongated shape. Get it? What, no high fives?)


If you had any doubt about the utter incompetence of the Russian armed forces, if you ever wondered how it came to be that they are losing the war in Ukraine, just tune in to Russian state media.

Over here at TVP World we love to pick apart Russian propaganda. We invite you to watch our “Break the Fake” programme every weekday at 22:45 CET.

And it seems like we are not the only ones that love to expose the ineptitude of the Russian military, or the Kremlin’s propaganda machine. It appears that the Russian media are in on the game as well.

Almost as though they were working against the regime…

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