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Several explosions at Belarusian airport hosting Russian aircraft: report

A series of explosions were heard on the night between Wednesday and Thursday at a Belarusian airport where Russian aircraft are based, bloggers from the Belaruski Hajun project, which monitors troop and weapons movements in Belarus, reported on Telegram.

“From 00.25 to 00.32 a.m., explosions could be heard and a shock wave could be felt, flashes of light could be seen several times through the clouds. Direction – Zyabrovka airport,” the bloggers wrote, specifying that there were at least eight explosions.


8 large explosions reported from Ziabrauka airfield near Homel in Belarus.

Lots of Russian military gear is stationed there & the Russians often launch attack against Ukraine from Ziabrauka.

Ukraine might have counterattacked Belarusian territory for the first time

— Visegrád 24 (@visegrad24) August 10, 2022

The Zyabrovka airport is located in the Gomel region which borders Ukraine. Information about the explosions was confirmed by several sources, the bloggers added.

They recalled that earlier, the Belarusian Defence Ministry reported on air defence and air force combat shooting exercises, but it is not known whether the explosions were related to them.

So far, there is no confirmation if these explosions are connected to any military drills conducted by the Russian and Belarus armies on Belarus territory. Ziabrauka airfield is used by Russian aviation in the war against Ukraine.

— Franak Viačorka (@franakviacorka) August 10, 2022

The Belarusian Defence Ministry denied reports of the explosions, explaining that an engine in one of the aircraft there caught fire. “No one was harmed,” it added.

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