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Crimean base attack was performed by Ukrainian special forces: Washington Post

Tuesday’s attack on a Russian air force base in Novofedorivka in annexed Crimea was the work of Ukrainian special forces, the US-based Washington Post newspaper reported on Wednesday, citing a Ukrainian official.

The Kyiv government official did not reveal details of the operation other than to say that it was carried out by special forces. Earlier, different sources reported that nine or ten aircraft were damaged in the explosion.

⚡️Ukraine’s Air Force: Around 10 Russian aircraft destroyed in Crimea.

Yuriy Ignat, a spokesman for the air force, said that Russia had Su-24, Su-30, Il-76, and other airplanes at the Saky airfield in Novofedorivka, Crimea.

— The Kyiv Independent (@KyivIndependent) August 10, 2022

Novofedorivka airport was used by Russians to launch air strikes against Ukraine.

This video shot near the Novofedorivka air base in Crimea show two practically simultaneous, separate explosions. The Russian claim that there was an explosion of ammunition at the base, causing secondary explosions, is thus likely false.

— Euan MacDonald (@Euan_MacDonald) August 9, 2022

The city lies more than 200 km behind the current front line, well beyond the range of the weapons Ukraine has used so far, not counting Harpoon and Neptune anti-ship missiles.

As the Washington Post notes, Ukrainian commandos are engaged in a campaign to infiltrate the Russian-occupied territory and coordinate with residents. Guerrilla activity has so far been particularly active in the Kherson region.

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