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World News 09.08

In this episode of World News, which falls on the 77th anniversary of the US nuclear attack on Nagasaki, Japan, the focus is on the war in Ukraine and the UN Secretary-General’s warnings of a possible nuclear threat. Also on the programme: looking back at the protests that broke out two years ago in Belarus to protest rigged presidential elections the victory in which was usurped by Alyaksandr Lukashenko.

The biggest anti-regime protests in the history of the country broke out in Belarus in 2020. The reason – the presidential elections in which Alyaksandr Lukashenko sought the sixth term in office. Tuesday marked the second anniversary of the rigged election. Still, the Belarusian opposition is not giving up.

But the ruling regime in the country continues to use repression and violence to maintain the existing order. On top of that Belarus is aiding Russia in its war against Ukraine. To discuss these issues and a possible solution TVP World was joined by Belsat TV journalist Zmicier Mickiewicz.

Colours of Freedom

The white-red-white flag is a historic flag used by the Belarusian Democratic Republic and a symbol of the current democratic opposition in the country. The National Center for Culture in Poland created a poster competition around this important symbol.

Russian airbase in occupied Crimea shaken by explosions

Crimea is a popular seaside resort and a territory that up until 2014 belonged to Ukraine. On Tuesday, heavy explosions rocked the Russian airbase there, disrupting the peace of holidaymakers and drawing the world’s attention. Now, the Russian side claims that the fire was due to an accidental detonation. Also today, the US has announced an unprecedented USD 5.5 bn aid package for Ukraine.

Ukraine wants to open a new Lviv-Warsaw railway connection

Ukraine wants to be closer to Europe. Not only politically, but also literally, in terms of transportation. Today Ukraine announced its readiness to open a new railway connection between Lviv and Warsaw. TVP World’s Donald Arleth was in Ukraine to shed more light on the matter.

Trump’s residence shakedown

Former US President Donald Trump said that the FBI searched his residence in Palm Beach, Florida, while he was in New York. He called the search unlawful and perceives it as a violation. Meanwhile, questions rise over what exactly the FBI was looking for. The matter unleashed a storm in American politics.

Taiwan round-up

The situation surrounding Taiwan remains highly volatile as both sides have now started conducting military drills. China’s posturing and nationalistic rhetoric heighten the risk of war, yet the Western powers reassure that such a threat is not imminent.

The Nagasaki anniversary

It’s been 77 years since the atomic bombing of Nagasaki. Japan marked the anniversary of the tragedy. The strike on Nagasaki took place only three days following the one on Hiroshima.

Kenya holds presidential election

Logistical issues affected a largely peaceful election in Kenya. The polls are officially closed but voting has been extended in places which opened late. The frontrunners for president are ex-Prime Minister Raila Odinga and current Deputy President William Ruto.

Representatives of the Citizens’ Alliance for North Korean Human Rights

According to a United Nations, North Korea commits systematic and widespread human rights abuses, leading many citizens to escape the country. Now, the representatives of the Citizens’ Alliance for North Korean Human Rights came to Poland.

Mom, I Don’t Want the War

War as seen through the eyes of a child is undeniably one of the saddest images. No matter the passing of time. A special exhibition in Warsaw showcases drawings made by Ukrainian children as well as those created after World War II.

To watch the entire edition of World News, click the video above.

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