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World News 07.08

Russians shell a nuclear power plant, the Pope pledges to visti Kyiv, and it has been 14 years since Russia invaded Georgia. This and much more are in the Sunday edition of World News.

Russians shell Ukrainian nuclear power plant

The Russian-instigated war in Ukraine has entered its 165th day. The shelling of Ukrainian targets continues, including a recent attack on the Zaporizhzhia Nuclear Power Plant. This has raised global fears of a Chernobyl-like nuclear accident. Each side to the conflict blames the other for the shelling of the nuclear power station.

Papal visit to Ukraine

Ukraine’s ambassador to the Holy See has suggested that Pope Francis may visit the worn-torn country. The Pope will be travelling to Kazakhstan for a three-day visit in September. The ambassador hopes that he will add Ukraine to his itinerary.

Air Force Day celebrated in Ukraine

Ukraine celebrates Air Force Day. In spite of Russian claims that it was eliminated in the first few hours of the invasion, the military aviation arm continues to fly daily combat sorties. TVP World’s correspondent Donald Arleth reported from Odesa.

Ukrainian grain export

Four more cargo ships loaded with corn and other grains have left Ukraine. Grain exports from Ukraine are overseen by the Joint Coordination Centre in Istanbul.

Croatian coach crash

12 people were killed and 32 injured in a road accident involving a coach in Croatia. All of the victims were Polish citizens on pilgrimage to a shrine in Bosnia and Herzegovina. 19 remain in serious condition.

Road safety

Road traffic accidents in vehicles transporting Poles, on national or foreign roads, are sadly, all too frequent. The most common reasons are driver error and vehicle malfunction.
Polish authorities suggest that the accident on Saturday was not due to either of these factors.

14th anniversary of the invasion of Georgia

In August 2008, Russia invaded Georgia. The war claimed the lives of hundreds of people and caused the displacement of about 200,000 civilians. While the conflict was still ongoing Georgia was.

Israel-Palestinian Jihad Conflict

Despite early reports suggesting that a ceasefire deal between Israeli Forces and the Islamic Jihad group might be reached, no such agreement has materialised so far. The bombardment of Gaza and Israeli cities continues.

US Senate vote

Voting on the Inflation Reduction Act in the US Senate dragged on till early Sunday morning. Democrats need the legislation to make good on their promise to reduce the cost of living, but their limited control of parliament makes it more challenging.

WWII Pacific theatre commemoration

As tensions continue to rise in the Indo-Pacific region, senior United States officials paid their respects to soldiers from the Solomon Islands, who fought alongside the allies during the Second World War. Many years since, the Pacific region has not forgotten their bravery.

Belarusian March of Dignity

Belarusians carrying their national flags marched through 26 European cities today. They wanted to draw attention to the fraudulent elections through which Lukashenko held on to power in 2020, and the widespread campaign of repressions which ensued.

World News’ guest

Fr. Waldemar Cisło of the Aid to the Church in Need was invited to shed some light on the Pope’s recent decision to visit Ukraine.

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