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LIVE: 165th day of Russian aggression against Ukraine

The head of the International Atomic Energy Agency raised grave concern about shelling at a nuclear power plant in Ukraine, as its military said Russian forces had attacked dozens of front-line towns.

07:37 CEST

At least two civilians are injured and close to 50 private residences are damaged in the city of Marhanets as a result of attack.

— The Kyiv Independent (@KyivIndependent) August 7, 2022

07:24 CEST

#Russian occupiers once again shelled #Dnipropetrovsk region

This was reported by the head of the Dnipropetrovsk Regional State Administration, Valentin Reznichenko.

— NEXTA (@nexta_tv) August 7, 2022

07:10 CEST

The 53rd Mechanized Brigade of #Ukraine published a video showing how it eliminates #Russian occupiers with Stugna-P missiles.

— NEXTA (@nexta_tv) August 7, 2022

07:00 CEST

The U.S. think tank cited opposition outlet The Insider in its Aug. 6 report, by saying that Russian forces may have already mined the Zaporizhzhia Nuclear Power Plant and established Grad rocket batteries near the village of Vodyane, approximately 4 km from the plant’s reactors.

— The Kyiv Independent (@KyivIndependent) August 7, 2022

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