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Troops fired flares to warn away drones, aircraft: Taiwan’s Defence Ministry

Taiwan’s Defence Ministry said it had fired flares late on Friday to warn away drones and aircraft flying over outlying Kinmen and Matsu Islands, according to a report by Reuters publish early on Saturday.

There were as many as seven drones that the Taiwanese forces deterred by firing flares, according to the country’s Defence Ministry. The drones flew over its outlying Kinmen Islands.

Meanwhile, the unidentified aircraft flew over Taiwan’s outlying Matsu Islands.

Taiwanese troops were on high alert in both areas, the ministry said. The islands lie just off the coast of mainland China, wherefrom Beijing launched large-scale military drills this week in response to US House of Representatives Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s visit to Taiwan.

Taiwan’s military has already fired flares to warn away aircraft during the period of escalating tensions with China. On Thursday, Taiwan’s defence ministry said that unidentified aircraft, probably drones, had flown on Wednesday night above the area of its Kinmen Islands and that it had fired flares to drive them away.

Major General Chang Zone-sung of the Army’s Kinmen Defense Command told Reuters that the Chinese drones came in a pair and flew into the Kinmen area twice on Wednesday night, at around 9 pm (1300 GMT) and 10 pm.

The recent coercion from PRC's drills around us aimed to change the status quo of Taiwan Strait, violated our sovereignty, and caused tension in the Indo-Pacific region. #ROCArmedForces seek no escalation, but we succumb to no challenges and respond with reason.

— 國防部 Ministry of National Defense, R.O.C. 🇹🇼 (@MoNDefense) August 5, 2022

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