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Lithuania to accommodate 2,000 Ukrainian refugees from Moldova: official

Lithuania’s Interior Minister in the meeting with her Moldovan counterpart said that more Ukrainian war refugees would soon move to Lithuania from Moldova – something that Lithuania is prepared for in terms of logistics and experience, according to TVP World’s guest Lithuanian Member of Parliament Mariu Matijosaitis.

“Moldova is facing a lot of challenges… Moldova has received 500,000 [Ukrainian refugees] just in a few days… this is a very big number for a very small country such as Moldova,” Mr Matijosaitis said.

Referring to the planned reception of Ukrainian refugees from Moldova in Lithuania, Mr Matijosaitis said that “for 2,000 people, it’s not a challenge for Lithuania,” adding that there were volunteers on the ground and that Vilnius had the logistics already worked out.

TVP World’s guest also mentioned the presence of NGOs, which would be of great help in helping accommodate and manage the Ukrainian arrivals.

According to Mr Matijosaitis’ knowledge, 500 Ukrainian refugees have already arrived in Lithuania.

If you are interested in Mr Matijosaitis’ account of what the Ukrainian refugee situation in Moldova looks like, click the video above.

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