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Poland – Lukashenka’s enemy no. 1

Most probably the Belarusian dictator is incapable of making any move. Since the 2000 election many thousands have been through Belarusian prisons, numerous social organizations and independent media have ceased to exist; the Union of Poles in Belarus has been broken up, Polish schools are being closed down, Polish press doesn’t exist.

Alexander Lukashenka and his associates’ policy towards Poland is becoming increasingly absurd. In the state media our country is depicted as an enemy ready to invade Belarus. Anyway, Poland has always been an enemy – hence the barbarian destruction of the graves of Home Army (Armia Krajowa – AK) soldiers, the organization being called “Nazi” or “collaborating with the Nazi”. At the same time Polish citizens have been granted a visa-free regime with Belarusian propaganda trying to convince that that there is such poverty in our country that Poles are storming the frontier with Belarus just to buy salt or buckwheat groats.

If one was to analyze these actions, it would turn out that they lead to nothing. Belarusian protests have been crushed; several tens of thousands people were arrested. But through it all there happened nothing that could have convinced the inhabitants of Minsk, Grodno or Brest to Lukashenka – and if somebody reckons that the anti-Polish propaganda reaches those people – they are mistaken. Surely, as in every country ruled by a dictator there is a group that supports him. These are people linked to the authorities in one way or another. Of course, they will write senseless an utterly ahistorical articles or scanting anti-Polish slogans during state-organized demonstrations. The situation nationwide however won’t change.

The conclusion can be only one: Alexander Lukashenka is demanding something impossible from his associates and they are striving to give it to him. He wants to regain at least some support by pointing at a dangerous enemy, i.e. Poland. But for the Belarusians we aren’t – and won’t be – such an enemy. The regime is then making chaotic and senseless moves to please the dictator. If you can’t convince everybody let at least Alexander Lukashenka be convinced.

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By Piotr Kościński

Translated by Dominik Szczęsny-Kostanecki

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