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Putin is doing to Ukraine what Hitler did to Warsaw: historian

On the 78th anniversary of the Warsaw Uprising, TVP World is joined by Vicepresident of the Warsaw Rising Museum Paweł Ukielski to take a closer look at the similarities between Adolf Hitler’s and Vladimir Putin’s brutal approach to citizens and civilian infrastructure, as well as to take a closer look at the battle waged by the citizens of Warsaw in 1944 – a landmark event that shaped Poles’ identity in the years to come during the communist era and beyond giving them a legend and a set of moral authority figures to fall back upon.

With the atrocities perpetrated by Russian forces in Ukraine, including killing citizens and obliterating Ukrainian cities, remembering the Warsaw Uprising and commemorating its heroic participants, men, women and children, gain a new resonance as Russian warlord Vladimir Putin’s ambition to root out all things Ukrainian is ghastly similar to what Adolf Hitler devised for Poles – the destruction of their homes, eradication of the Polish intelligentsia and annihilation of the Polish identity.

Hitler gave an order on the first of August to kill all inhabitants [of Warsaw] and raze the city to the ground. We can assume that Russian troops have similar orders in Ukraine,” Mr Ukielski said, adding that “Warsaw was supposed to be a punishment” for Poles’ strife for freedom.

TVP World’s guest assumed that the same could be said “of the Russian-speaking part of Ukraine.”

“This is a punishment for them not welcoming Russian troops with flowers. They resisted,” he said. “I can imagine that Putin is doing the same thing Hitler did with Warsaw.

To learn more about the historic, strategic and political importance of the Warsaw Uprising, click the video above.

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