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World News 31.07

Poland prepares for commemorations of the Warsaw Rising outbreak – the WWII largest underground military operation in German-occupied Europe. Meanwhile, the Russo-Ukrainian conflict intensifies as tensions between China and Taiwan continue to grow. Tonight on World News:

Poland marks 78th anniversary of Warsaw Rising outbreak

On Monday, Warsaw remembers the 78th anniversary of the Warsaw Rising. Our own Owidiusz Nicieja reports on the commemorations in the Polish capital.

Every year, Warsaw honours the Insurgents who fought in the Warsaw Rising. Polish flags wave on the streets of Warsaw, candles are lit where the fallen were buried and concerts and sporting events are organised. But many people pay their respect earlier, in many ways.

West versus East

Despite claiming to possess a modern and nigh-well unbeatable army, Russia’s advances in Ukraine have been extremely slow.

Given that Moscow continues to issue threatening rhetoric towards the West, let’s see how the forces of the North Atlantic Alliance match-up against the Russians.

Pelosi’s Asian tour

The U.S. Speaker of the House of Representatives, Nancy Pelosi, begins her tour of Asian countries. Stopping in the capital of Hawaii, she unveiled her itinerary, which conspicuously omits one vital stop, triggering widespread speculation. 

Murder in Italy

A Nigerian street vendor was killed in broad daylight by an Italian man in the town of Civitanova Marche. Video recordings of the murder were made by passers-by and were posted online. Italian police have arrested a suspect and the investigation is ongoing.

Protesters took over a parliament building in Iraq

People in Iraq are, for a second day, protesting corruption among governing elites. The protest turned into a sit-in as residents of Baghdad who had filled the streets, headed towards the Iraqi parliament, where they remain to this moment.

Floods in Kentucky

Tens of thousands of households in Eastern Kentucky are without power today, following heavy rainstorms, which flooded the area leaving roads looking more like rivers. The governor of Kentucky has introduced a state-wide state of emergency.

Wildfires in Europe, Asia

Hundreds of firefighters continue efforts to tackle a wildfire that has been burning in the Bohemia Switzerland National Park in the Czech Republic, for over a week. Italy too, faces similar challenges as wildfires spread through the country. The heatwave is not only affecting Europe, Madagascar in the Indian ocean is experiencing similar fires.

TVP World’s guest

Grigoriy German, a Channel Ukraine Morning Show host, was our guest tonight.

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