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TVP channels available on Lithuanian nationwide multiplex

As of July 28, six channels of the Polish national broadcaster TVP: TVP World, TVP Wilno (Vilnius), TVP Info, TVP History 2, TVP Polonia and Belsat TV will be available to watch throughout Lithuania, as part of the MUX-2 national digital multiplex.

“The wide availability of the Polish Television programmes on foreign markets is one of the key goals in the company’s strategy. Hence our efforts to build a rich distribution base. Due to the current political situation in our region, our activities are of particular importance in reaching the largest possible audience by providing reliable information. I am sure that (…) this expansion will strengthen the presence of the TVP offer in Lithuania, and above all – with the greatest reliability – to implement the mission of the public broadcaster,” said Mateusz Matyszkowicz, a Member of the Management Board of TVP.

Previously the six aforementioned channels have been broadcast in the Vilnius region exclusively.

In total, the terrestrial signal currently reaches over 1.7 million people living in Lithuania.

Selected TVP channels are also available in over 30 Lithuanian cable networks, including the largest operator – Telia and the second largest operator Cgates.

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