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Business Arena 28.07

On Thursday’s episode Business Arena’s host, Sascha Fahrbach, kicked off the show with our main stories which were: the merger of PKN Orlen S.A. with Grupa Lotos S.A. as well as challenges for the Baltic Pipe.

The Warsaw Stock Exchange has decided to suspend trading on the main market in Lotos Group shares starting on July 29. This is due to the merger of Lotos Group and PKN Orlen.

Maciej Kietliński, an analyst at a Polish broker group, was invited to be the guest on the programme to discuss this largest M&A transaction in the history of the Polish economy.

Also on the programme:

– Poland is seeking to make itself completely self-sufficient, moving away from Russian gas. The Baltic Pipe is a crucial element of that goal.

Among other topics, we looked at, were:

– Boeing’s executives have cut the estimates for the deliveries of 737 MAX aircraft for 2022 and emphasised that supply chain constraints have hindered the company’s ability to increase the production of jets to meet demand.

– China has officially announced that its clean energy transition will continue despite the current energy security crisis. Officials are confident that the country will reach its carbon emission goals.

– Ukraine has taken its place among the nations of the European Union, but in miniature. Although the country will most likely have to wait several years before it can officially join the EU, it was given a place during this year’s open-air theme park in Brussels called “Mini-Europe”.

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