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Russia uses cyber measures to attack other states: Polish official

To talk about malicious cyber activities, cyber espionage and the theft of intellectual property in the context of the Russian aggression on Ukraine and the current political landscape, TVP World invited Stanisław Żaryn, the spokesperson of the Minister-Special Services Coordinator.

According to the spokesman “Russia is one of the active state actors that use cyber measures to interfere into other states or to attack other states”.

Russia is waging classical war against Ukraine but also uses cyber methods to attack some important telecommunication systems in Ukraine, and is trying to also use this kind of cyber warfare to hit or to weaken the West,” he added.

The government official also pointed out that Russia is using methods such as the so-called “Ghostwriter operation” in an effort to try and intercept the content of email inboxes or to “break the security measures and hijack social media accounts or websites in Poland and use such infrastructure to sow disinformation.”

700,000 potential cyber attacks in 2021

Mr Żaryn stressed that Russian cyber attacks on Poland are a daily reality. He said that in 2021 “over 700,000 potential incidents were recorded by Poland’s Internal Security Agency”.

However, many of these incidents were stopped and did not come to pose a serious security threat.

The spokesperson concluded the interview by reminding citizens to be vigilant in their private life when going online, as many attacks are focused on hijacking private email and social media accounts.

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