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Business Arena 27.07

On Wednesday’s episode, our host Sascha Fahrbach kicked off the show with our main stories which were: insurance uncertainty poses a challenge to the Ukraine grain deal and the EU to double imports of Ukrainian electricity.

Traders remain sceptical of an UN-backed plan to export vital food supplies through mined Ukrainian waters. Worries over insurance are the biggest obstacle to grain ships leaving Ukraine’s Black Sea ports this week. Questions remain over whether insurance companies will be willing to insure the vessels as they navigate the mined waters, while buyers are hesitant to make new orders given the risk of Russian attacks.

We discussed shipping insurance with Błażej Podgórski, PhD, Vice-Dean of the College of Finance and Economics at Kozminski University.

Also on the programme:

– Ramping up the electricity trade will allow Ukraine to earn much-needed revenues to compensate for the effects of the war.

– The US Senate is set to vote on USD 52 billion for the semiconductor industry.

– Sky-high US prices have led some American motorists to make a previously unheard-of trip across the border to fill up their tanks with cheaper gas in Mexico.

– Some British companies are likely to leave the UK due to Brexit red tape for good.

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