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Polish embassy in Dublin rebuts Nazi collaboration claims

Poland’s Embassy in Dublin has tweeted a rebuttal to allegations carried by an Irish newspaper that claimed Poland collaborated with Nazi Germany during the Second World War.

The accusations were made in a letter published in the Irish Times, one of Ireland’s leading newspapers, on July 23.

In the letter, titled ‘Poland must come to terms with its past’, its author, Oliver Sears, described the story of his grandfather, Pawel Rozenfeld, who was arrested in November 1939 in the city of Łódź by the Gestapo and “Polish policemen.”

Mr Sears also claimed that the Warsaw government had recently “enacted laws to shield it from independent research on Polish actions during this period,” which he described as “disturbing, dangerous and undemocratic.”

The author even further claimed that if he were to express his views in Poland he would “land in jail.”

Embassy’s response

His comments prompted a response from the Polish embassy.

“Poland never collaborated with Nazi Germany, unlike other governments in Europe,” the embassy explained in a letter to Irish Times Editor Paul O’Neill dated July 26 and posted a tweet.

“Poland is not responsible for the Holocaust,” the letter continued. “Acts of collaboration, including blackmailing and denouncing Jews, were condemned and severely dealt with by the Polish Underground State and Polish Government-in-Exile… What is often forgotten is that only in occupied Poland for helping Jews a death sentence was immediately carried out on the helper and their family.”

Polish Embassy reacts again to the spread of false narratives about Poland now and during #WWII published in The Irish Times. Poland never collaborated with the Nazi Germans.#FactsMatter #Holocaust #PolesSavingJews #PolishRighteous

— Polish Embassy IRL (@PLinIreland) July 27, 2022

The Irish Times is yet to respond to the embassy’s statement.

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