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Ukraine can currently export only 5 pct of its grain: UA food platform

Mariya Dehtiarova from the Ukrainian Food Platform on the current crisis caused by the Russian blockade of Ukrainian grain.

With help of the Ukrainian-Polish Chamber of Commerce, the Ukrainian Food Platform has organised a top-profile meeting concerning food production in Ukraine. It was a series of B2B meetings between food manufacturers and distributors, where the business programme, logistics, marketing, and legal issues were discussed.

Asked whether she thinks Russia will allow Ukrainian grain to finally leave safely from the port of Odesa, Ms Dehtiarova said that it would be strange if Russia does something harmful but she also said that Russia can act in an unpredictable fashion. As she stated later in the interview, the blockade of Ukrainian grain is a way to exert pressure on the country and the international community. It seems to be an effective way though, considering that according to Ms Dehtiarova, Ukraine can export only 5 pct of its grain by land, as opposed to over 90 pct through the traditional Black Sea route.

Ms Dehtiarova also spoke of what the Russians are doing with the grain in the part of Ukraine they are occupying, whether Ukraine can safely store its grain on the territory it controls, will the grain stocks and harvest meet domestic demand, and what will Ukraine’s food producers’ role be if the country joins the EU.

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