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Rock Rachon 26.07

Just weeks after arriving in Ukraine, the modern western heavy weapons have brought the Russian advance to a standstill. And the further deliveries that are promised may reverse the gains made by the invaders. A retired colonel of the US Army explains the impact western equipment has on the conflict.

HIMARS are new superstars of the battle for Ukraine, just as Bayraktars and Javelins were in the initial weeks. Further powerful weapons systems will be deployed in the near future. US Defence Secretary Lloyd Austin said that President Biden’s administration recognises that more will be necessary for Ukraine to defend itself from the Russian artillery, which he made a point of stressing, is located within Ukraine’s own territory. Therefore, steps are being taken to hasten the process of transferring more modern heavy equipment to the defenders.

Secretary Austin also listed several countries for their contribution to boosting Ukraine’s armed forces, specifically calling Poland a “linchpin” of the effort.

Moscow begins to recognise that HIMARS are the game changer, putting Russian ammo and fuel depots and important infrastructure within range of Ukrainian artillery. And Poland has delivered Krab howitzers, which the Russians also recognise as a major threat, listing them as priority targets for destruction.

As always, the Kremlin is threatening escalation because it realises the support Ukraine is receiving from the West makes it impossible for Moscow to wage the war the way it hoped. But by now most of the West sees Russia’s threats for what they are: frustrated sabre rattling.

Michał Rachon’s guest was Ray Wojcik, a retired US Army colonel, former military attache at the US Embassy in Warsaw, and currently Senior Fellow of the Transatlantic Security and Defense programme at the Center for European Policy Analysis, who was invited to discuss how the new heavy weapons systems have changed the situation on the frontline.

And in the final segment, Matthew Tyrmand responds to accusations by some of TVP World’s viewers of being an “Old Europe basher”.

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