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World News 26.07

EU plans to reduce its natural gas consumption in an attempt to prevent winter shortages, IMF predicts a global drop in economic growth and growing inflation, and the Pope apologises to Canada’s indigenous people. This and much more in the Tuesday edition of World News.

EU to reduce gas demand by 15 percent

EU member states have agreed to reduce natural gas demand by 15 percent, in a bid to make savings ahead of the upcoming winter. Energy ministers held an exchange of views on the security of energy supply in the EU and further measures to be taken ahead of next winter.

Another Russian depot struck

The last twenty-four hours in Ukraine saw a heavy exchange of fire. The Ukrainians destroyed a Russian oil depot, and the Russians responded by targeting multiple civilian targets in various Ukrainian regions.

Grain crisis continues

Russia continues to break the agreement on Ukrainian grain exports and keeps targeting ports and towns in the Odesa region. The continued blockade of trade routes by the Russian Black Sea Fleet contributes to the growing global food crisis.

Economic forecast

The International Monetary Fund has published its latest economic forecast. Unfortunately, it is not an optimistic one. According to the forecast, the global economic growth will be lower than previously expected, while inflation will be higher.

Lotos group shares suspended

The Warsaw Stock Exchange has decided to suspend trading on the main market in Lotos Group shares from July 29, 2022, until the date on which the shares are delisted from the WSE’s main market, in connection with the merger of Lotos Group and PKN Orlen.

Tory leadership race

This was the first head-to-head meeting of the PM hopefuls who met in Stoke-upon-Trent to answer questions and exchange their ideas for the most burning problems haunting the country at present. And it was not a pleasant chat. TVP World’s UK correspondent Klaudia Czerwińska reported on the debate.

Papal apology to the First Nations

Pope Francis offered a touching and sweeping apology to Canada’s indigenous people during his five-day pilgrimage to the country. The apology concerned the forced assimilation and abuse of natives carried out in Canada’s residential schools, many of which were run by the Catholic Church.

Microchip crisis

The US Senate has voted in favour of advancing the bill aimed at boosting American production of semiconductors to compete with China. The bill is meant to ease supply chain disruptions caused by the pandemic and relieve the US from supply routes traditionally dominated by Beijing.

Major wildfire in Czechia

Firefighters are battling a fire in the Bohemian Switzerland National Park in the northwest of Czechia. The Polish firefighters offered assistance in combating the blaze.

Pelješac opens at last

Tonight marks the grand opening of Pelješac Bridge, the greatest infrastructure project in Croatia, co-funded by the European Union. The bridge will offer a continuous road connection between southernmost Croatia and the remainder of the country in a project that was neither easy nor without obstacles.

Russia to withdraw from ISS

Russia decided to pull out from the International Space Station after more than 20 years of cooperation in space. The withdrawal was announced by the new head of the Russian space agency, Roscosmos.

World News’ guest

Mariya Dehtiarova from the Ukrainian Food Platform on the current crisis caused by the Russian blockade of Ukrainian grain.

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