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World News 24.07

Everything indicates that Ukraine is getting ready to go on counteroffensive soon, Olena Zelenska hosts the summit of first ladies, and wildfires continue to rage across Europe. This and much more in the Sunday edition of World News.

Ukraine bracing for a counteroffensive

After dozens of Russian logistics and ammunition hubs have been destroyed, some sources suggest that Ukrainians are preparing a counteroffensive. Its target could likely be to take back the port city of Kherson.

Continued targetting of civilians by Russia

Not a day goes by without further reports of Russian war crimes in Ukraine. The Russian occupiers have already kidnapped nearly 500 Ukrainian civilians in occupied Zaporizhzhia. Human rights are constantly being violated, despite the strenuous efforts of multiple NGOs. The question still remains: when will the deliberate targeting of civilians by Russian forces end?

First Ladies’ summit in Kyiv

Olena Zelenska, the wife of the Ukrainian President, hosted the second summit of first ladies and first gentlemen in the capital of Ukraine yesterday. The event was held on the 150th day of the full-scale Russian invasion and was designed to grab the world’s attention to the atrocities in Ukraine, raise funds, and find a solution to the Russian-induced food crisis, among other issues.

North Korea accuses the US

North Korea’s state news agency once again levelled outrageous accusations against the United States. This time they claim that the US military has been preparing biological weapons labs on the territory of their southern neighbours.

Migrants on the Mediterranean

The global food crisis orchestrated by Russia is already making increasing numbers of people attempt the dangerous journey across the Mediterranean. Over four hundred people trying to reach Europe from North Africa were rescued. They sailed on a small boat with no water supplies in the middle of a heatwave.

Wrath of nature

Heatwaves across Europe are causing alarm and many countries are expecting the worst summer in terms of wildfires. To top it off, many countries are experiencing a drought which could exacerbate the danger of conflagration and threaten the yield of vital crops.

New launches to the the orbit

It has been a busy weekend for the space industry. In China, a rocket carrying the Wentian laboratory module, the second component of the Tiangong space station, took off from the Wenchang spaceport, while in the US SpaceX launched another batch of its Starlink satellites.

Lewandowski’s debut in new colours

Robert Lewandowski has made an unofficial debut with FC Barcelona against Real Madrid in Las Vegas. Although the polish striker has not scored a goal, FC Barcelona members and fans reacted very positively to his performance.

American football in Poland

In Warsaw, the tryouts for the Polish national American football team kicked off. The sport is rapidly gaining momentum in Poland and more athletes continue to join the ranks.

World News’ guest

Tetiana Pechonchyk, the head of the human rights centre “Zmina”, was TVP World’s guest invited to discuss the issue of Russian war crimes and crimes against humanity in Ukraine.

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