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Poland soon too strong for Russia, MoD says

Artur Reszko/PAP

Russia will not attack a strong opponent, which is why Poland is building up its land forces, Poland’s defence minister said in an interview for Monday’s issue of the “Sieci” weekly, fragments of which appeared online on Sunday..

Explaining the military buildup plans, Mariusz Blaszczak reminded that Poland was on the frontline of the Russia-Ukraine conflict, and also shared a border with Russia as well as its ally Belarus, hence needed sufficient defences to deter potential threats.

Blaszczak said Poland will soon have the strongest land army of all the European Nato countries, and suggested that its size and strength should suffice to ward off any threat from Russia.

He added that Russia was unlikely to attack a country with a strong army.

“The… Kremlin will not strike out at someone strong. They attack if they see a weak spot. There will not be a stronger country in Europe (than Poland – PAP) when it comes to artillery and armoured troops. We will have the strongest land forces of all the European Nato states,” Blaszczak said.

Asked if Poland was prepared for a Russian missile strike, Blaszczak informed that the first of a tranche of Patriot missile units ordered by Poland in 2018 should arrive in Poland still this year.

Blaszczak said the construction of a multi-level missile defence system for Poland was well advanced. 

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