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Poland has welcomed close to 5 mln Ukrainian refugees

As many as 4.97 million refugees have found safe haven in Poland since the start of the Russian invasion of Ukraine, which began on February 24, 2022.

Although the initial wave of refugees has diminished, people continue to flee the war-torn country. According to Poland’s Border Guard, 6,200 people have crossed the Polish border by 7:00 am on Saturday alone.

Od 24.02 #funkcjonariuszeSG odprawili w przejściach granicznych na kierunku z🇺🇦do🇵🇱4,968 mln os.
Wczoraj tj.22.07➡️24,8 tys.
Dziś do godz.07.00➡️6,2 tys.
W dn.22.07 z🇵🇱do🇺🇦odprawiono 22,4 tys. osób. Od 24.02- już ponad 3,045 mln os.

— Straż Graniczna (@Straz_Graniczna) July 23, 2022

At the same time, many Ukrainians, mostly men, who have been living and working in Poland before the war, have decided to return home after February 24th. The Border Guard reported that 3.05 million people have left Poland for Ukraine since the beginning of the war.

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