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Truss more help for Ukraine, Sunak better relations with EU: Expert

On issues crucial to Poland’s interests, there seem to be significant differences between Liz Truss and Rishi Sunak. Each of the two candidates has mutually balancing advantages and disadvantages from the point of view of Poland’s interests, Dr Przemysław Biskup, from the Polish Institute of International Affairs, told the Polish Press Agency (PAP).

Lizz Truss – the current Foreign Minister – and Rishi Sunak, who was UK’s Finance Minister until early July, are competing to be the new leader of the UK’s ruling Conservative Party. The winner of the ongoing intra-party election in early September will replace Boris Johnson as prime minister.

Przemysław Biskup points out that there are many similarities in the programme and profile of the two candidates. Both candidates held two of the three most important ministerial posts in Johnson’s government until recently, so in theory, they were the people closest to the Prime Minister.

Significant differences between the candidates can be identified in Britain’s involvement in Ukraine and its relationship with the European Union, the analyst added.

Different focus points

According to Dr Biskup, it seems that Truss will be more of a continuation of Johnson. She has had a lot of support from Johnson’s closest colleagues from the start, and already during the campaign, she has become the kind of candidate who significantly and voluntarily subscribes to many of Johnson’s programme tenets and wants to continue them.

Truss presents the greatest opportunity for the continuation of the Ukrainian policy, which is very beneficial from the Polish point of view, but at the same time means the relatively greatest risk of escalation of the conflict with the European Union, he added.

On the contrary, Rishi Sunak is largely the opposite of Truss the analyst said. Even though Sunak was a supporter of Brexit in 2016 he emphasised the need to reduce the level of tension in relations with the EU, so as not to pose a threat to British business in accessing the EU market, the expert explained.

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