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Wounded Ukrainian soldiers treated in Warsaw hospital

Doctors at the Infant Jesus Teaching Hospital in Warsaw have been treating five wounded Ukrainian soldiers since July 18th.

The soldiers were first treated in Ukraine, but required further specialised care, including orthopaedic and jaw surgery.

The Infant Jesus Teaching Hospital responded to a request by the Department of Health of the Mazovian District Office, which issued an open letter to all hospitals in the province, asking for help in treating wounded Ukrainian Soldiers.

Dr. Paweł Łęgosz from the Infant Jesus Teaching Hospital talked to the Polish Press Agency (PAP) about the treatment provided to the Ukrainian soldiers.

“I knew that we would be able to help because our hospital is a unit with the highest reference designation. We have practically all medical disciplines here and the best professionals. We can take care of any type of injury.”

The soldiers will undergo complicated surgical procedures at the hospital, but may also require mental health treatment due to PTSD.

It is visible that they experienced war trauma

, but their arrival in Poland, a change of surroundings, the fact that nothing explodes over their heads anymore, have had a positive impact. They feel more secure, they are being cared for, and they can expect a peaceful recovery. Nevertheless, one would have to look inside their minds to understand what they really went through.

The Russian invasion of their country has destroyed their lives,” concludes doctor Łęgosz


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