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Poland to buy Korean tanks, howitzers and jet fighters

Polish Defence Minister Mariusz Błaszczak revealed the plans to buy Korean K-2 tanks, K-9 howitzers and FA-50 multipurpose jets. The deal between Poland and Korea is going to be signed next week.

“First tanks and howitzers will be supplied this year, the planes are expected in 2023. They are going to improve the combat ability of the Polish Army. We are aware of the challenges related to the war in Ukraine and Putin’s attempts to rebuild the Russian empire. We aim at deterring a potential aggressor by strengthening the Polish Army,” Błaszczak said.

The deal is expected to ensure the supply of 48 FA-50 jet fighters and at least 180 K-2 tanks. Błaszczak pointed out that some parts for the tanks and howitzers will be produced by the Polish arms industry in cooperation with Korean companies.

“We will order as many howitzers in Poland as possible. However, the first shipments will come from Korea. The same applies to tanks – the first ones will come from Korea, the next ones will be produced in Poland,” explained Błaszczak.

K-2 Black Panther tanks are produced by Hyundai Rotem. It is equipped with a 120mm canon and 12.7mm machine gun. Its defence systems can blind or destroy enemy missiles. It weighs 55 tonnes.

Korean FA-50 multipurpose jets are fully compatible with F-16 jet fighters which are already used by the Polish Army.

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