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Injured Ukrainian soldiers hospitalised in Poland in stable condition

Alberto Valdes/PAP/EFE

The condition of 31 wounded soldiers from Ukraine, who have arrived in Poland in the first operation performed by the Humanitarian-Medical Aid Team, is stable, the Health Ministry has told PAP .

“They have traumatic injuries, broken limbs and gunshot wounds, and they need surgery, bone reconstruction and prostheses,” the ministry said on Friday.

The soldiers, who arrived in Poland on July 18, were transported to hospitals in the provinces of Lodzkie and Mazowieckie in the central part of the country, and in the Lubelskie provice in the south-east.

Having informed about their arrival in Poland, the head of the PM’s Office, Michal Dworczyk wrote on Twitter on July 19 that we should “remember that these young soldiers defending Ukraine are also defending Polish security.”

The Humanitarian-Medical Aid Team was created in 2022 to perform the rescue and evacuation of Polish victims of accidents and other emergencies, as well as provide assistance to Polish victims and their families. It is also tasked with assisting other countries in rescue operations on their territory.

The team is to achieve full operational readiness no later than September 1, 2022.

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