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Polish Lower House passes coal subsidies

Poland has passed a bill introducing a PLN 3,000 (EUR 631) coal allowance for households with coal heating.

The act went through the Sejm, the Polish lower house of parliament, on Friday in a 261 to 36 vote with 149 MPs abstaining.

Earlier, the house rejected amendments proposed by the opposition, which extended the subsidies to households with pellet, oil, gas, LPG and electric heating and limited them to households with a per-capita income not exceeding the 2021 average wage.

The Polish finance ministry said the new law complied with European Commission requirements.

Now the bill will have to be approved by the Senate, the upper house of parliament.

Consequences of war

Due to the Russian invasion of Ukraine, the EU imposed sanctions on Moscow’s commodities including coal.

We realised that the war would have its consequences, which is why the government is not leaving Poles by themselves. This is why this bill and the law is providing support,” the spokesman for the ruling Law and Justice (PiS) party said.

Poland heading toward an abundance of coal

There will be an increase in coal mining in Poland, in Polish mines, Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki said on Friday. He pointed out that “there should be an excess of coal” so that Poles do not have to worry about the winter.

Poland has already secured a large amount of gas necessary for the winter in its gas storage facilities, filling them to a 98 percent capacity.

According to the prime minister, the government will do everything to ensure that the energy strategy in Poland be adapted to the time of war.

Despite the negative environmental effects of coal, Poland continues to rely on local commodities for its energy production. The country’s government has pledged to make coal more available and at better tariffs for households.

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