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Business Arena 21.07

In Thursday’s episode, our host David Kennedy started the programme with our main stories, which were: EU’s 7th sanctions package on Russia and Nord Stream 1 gas pipeline resumes flows.

Brussels is preparing a new set of sanctions against Russia including the energy sector. Polish inputs have been included in closing possible loopholes, for example concerning possible sanctions for third-party countries which aid Russia in avoiding restrictions.

We discussed the 7th package of EU sanctions with Petras Auštrevičius, MEP, former member of the Seimas,the Lithuanian parliament.

Among other topics, we looked at, were:

A California man has sued Mars, the company that makes Skittles, claiming that the use of titanium dioxide in the candy makes it “unfit for human consumption.”

Truckers protesting against a new California law, that toughens the definition of non-employee drivers, shut down some operations at the Port of Oakland on Tuesday, adding new disruptions to the already fragile US supply chains.

Natural gas began flowing again through the main pipeline from Russia to Germany on Thursday, allaying European fears that a shut-off during scheduled maintenance would become permanent, but not resolving broader concerns about the continent’s energy being held hostage in Russia’s war.

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