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We should use Putin’s money to fight him: Ukrainian MP

Ukrainian MP Kira Rudyk, who recently returned from a trip to the US, talks about the current state of affairs in Ukraine and the need for international support for her country.

Asked about the war tribunal that Kyiv is preparing to set up to put Russian war criminals on trial, MP Rudyk stressed the need to act fast. Ukrainian prosecutors have identified a staggering number of war crimes perpetrated by Russian invaders on Ukrainian soil: 800,000. According to Ms Rudyk it is necessary to act as quickly as possible, while the evidence is still fresh and there are enough of them to prosecute the cases.

MP Rudyk pointed out how Ukraine needs to make sure the crimes are investigated promptly, juxtaposing this approach with that of the case of the MH-17 flight, a passenger plane that was shot down over separatist-controlled Donbas. It took western courts eight years to determine that the murder of 298 people on board was a crime.

Ms Rudyk does not beat around the bush and flat out calls Russia a terrorist state. As she stresses, it is a legal term, which carries with it sanctions not only for the state in question, but any other country that chooses to trade with it. She points out that countries like China and many countries in Latin America continue to trade with Russia. She hopes that Russia becomes an international pariah, much Like Kim Jong Il’s North Korea.

World News’ guest also spoke of the recent dismissal of Ukraine’s Prosecutor General and of the head of the Security Service of Ukraine, and of the need to use frozen Russian assets abroad in the Ukrainian fight against Russian aggression.

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