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World News 21.07

Russia resumes gas flow through Nord Stream 1 pipeline to the relief of Berlin, Italian President decrees snap elections, and Tories gear up for a race between two leaders where there can be only one. This and much more in the Sunday edition of World News.

Gas flows again through Nord Stream 2

After an annual maintenance halt, natural gas started flowing through the Nord Stream 1 pipeline, dispelling doubts that Russia could cut Germany off its gas supplies. At the same time, two sections of the Baltic pipe have been connected with a “golden weld”.

Italian political crisis

Italian Prime Minister Mario Draghi handed in his resignation for the second time, precisely a week after his first attempt to leave office. The head of the Italian government once again did not receive a vote of full confidence from all parties of the ruling coalition. Early elections are on the horizon.

Eurozone base rates up

The European Central Bank has raised base rates for the first time since 2011. The measure is aimed at limiting inflation that is soaring around the bloc; however, it may influence particular member states differently.

Weapons for Ukraine

Both the US and the UK have announced new deliveries to Kyiv. Germany has pledged to send heavy weaponry to Ukraine, but so far, the deliveries from Berlin are very slow to reach Kyiv.

Polish delegation in Kyiv

Casimir Pulaski Foundation, a leading foreign policy and security think-tank, sent a delegation to Kyiv. The main goal of the visit is to discuss the support needed by Ukraine during the war and the co-operation between Poland and Ukraine in rebuilding the country after the war.

Who will step into Johnson’s shoes as PM>

TVP World’s London correspondent Klaudia Czerwińska reported from London, on the race between the two candidates that will take over Tory leadership and replace Boris Johnson as the PM: former Chancellor of the Exchequer Rishi Sunak and head of diplomacy Liz Truss.

Ukraine plans to try Russian top army brass

The Ukrainian government continues its efforts to bring Russian officials and military commanders responsible for war crimes to justice. TVP World’s Kyiv correspondent Krzysztof Panek took part in a press conference concerning the new war tribunal at the president’s office.

War in Ukraine continues

It has been almost five months of fighting since the beginning of the Russian invasion of Ukraine. Russian bombs and rockets keep falling on both civilian and military targets, while the frontline barely moves in any direction.

Ukrainian prisoners return from Russia

The horrific practice of forcibly deporting Ukrainians to Russia is similar to mass deportations carried out by the Soviet Union in the years following World War II. Ukrainian combatants released from Russian captivity have spoken about their time in a Russian prison camp.

World News’ guest

Ukrainian MP Kira Rudyk, who recently returned from a trip to the US, talks about the current state of affairs in Ukraine and the need for international support for her country.

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