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Italian president dissolves parliament following PM’s resignation

Italian President Sergio Mattarella announced on Thursday, July 21, that he will dissolve the parliament, following the resignation of Prime Minister Mario Draghi.

Italian president rejects PM Draghi’s resignation

On Thursday, Italian Prime Minister Mario Draghi said he would resign from his position after a party in his ruling coalition did not participate…

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PM Draghi handed in his resignation last week, but the President refused to accept it at the time. A confidence vote in the Senate on Wednesday returned the result of 95 in favour and 38 against the cabinet. However, there are 321 senators in the Italian parliament’s upper house, and Draghi’s coalition partners (Five Star Movement, Forza Italia, and Lega) refused to take part in the vote.

Italian PM resigns amid financial turmoil

Italy’s financial markets are bracing themselves for an almost inevitable collapse of the government of Prime Minister Mario Draghi. On Thursday,…

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Already the earlier resignation attempt by the outgoing PM had sent Italy’s financial markets into turmoil. The government was formed less than 18 months ago. The elections, originally scheduled to take place in the first half of next year, will now be moved to September 25, making for a short and intensive electoral campaign this summer.

The outgoing cabinet will remain in caretaker capacity. Calling the snap elections a “last resort”, President Mattarella also stressed that “the period that we are going through does not allow pauses”, referring to high energy costs, economic turmoil, inflation, Russia’s invasion of Ukraine and how it affects security in Europe, as well as combating the lingering COVID-19 threat.

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