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Poland gives green light to fourth dose of Covid-19 vaccine

Jakub Kaczmarczyk/PAP

Poland will allow a fourth dose of coronavirus vaccine to be received by people aged 60-79 and by persons over 12 years of age suffering from immune deficiency, the health minister has announced.

“From July 22… we will allow vaccinations for people in the 60-79 age group and an additional vaccination for people with immune deficiency who are over 12 years of age,” Health Minister Adam Niedzielski said at a press conference on Thursday.

Close to 12 million people in the 38-million nation have received the third dose of the vaccine so far, according to Niedzielski. Till now, the fourth dose has been offered to everybody over 80.

Niedzielski also said that the current wave of the coronavirus pandemic will likely peak at 8,000-10,000 daily new cases in the second half of August.

“If we look at the last three days, we’re dealing with new infections of about 3,000,” the health minister said. “Today’s number is 2,999 infections. This result means that the weekly growth rate is about 60 percent.”

However, according to Niedzielski, the current coronavirus mutation is not as dangerous as previous strains.

“In our base scenario, we assume the peak of hospitalisations at about 3,000,” Niedzielski said. “This level will not trigger the need to change our policy.”

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