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Biology & the Bible: what is the definition of a woman?

The Anglican Church has long been losing whole communities of the faithful which, along with their priests, switch to the Roman Catholic Church where, having made all the declarations of faith prescribed by the Canon law, they live without fear of future acts of madness. But are they entirely safe form civilization turbulences within the Catholic Church?

The madness of civilization is growing at a pace exceeding our imagination and we rather don’t keep up with all the ideas reported in the media: all those LGBTQs and so on, redefinition of marriage, destruction of male and female identity, reversion of rules and principles, manipulation in the field of life and death, desexualization of newborns and older children, though they already know if they are boys or girls.

Among the most celebrated celebrities it was Joanne K. Rowling, the same who brought to life Harry Potter thus becoming one of the richest writers in the world and of the greatest personalities in Great Britain, who first said “no” to this madness. Well, a year or two ago the famous author, without any ambiguity or winking to the public, she announced that there are only two sexes in the world: man and woman. And she stopped being the beloved author of the organizers of mass literary life, gadgets producers, film-makers, publicists and other businessmen, all being unleashed in fueling the “Harry Potter” business.

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–Translated by Dominik Szczęsny-Kostanecki

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