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Ukrainians strike Russian positions, damage Dnieper bridge near Kherson

Ukrainian long-range artillery has struck Russian positions near the Antonovskiy bridge across the Dnieper River and Nova Kakhovka near Kherson. According to Kherson Regional Council Member Serhii Khlan, Russian shelling struck a command post, and an ammunition depot, and destroyed numerous Russian multiple launch rocket systems, specifically Smerch MLRS.

The bridge itself has also been damaged. According to Yurii Sobolevskyi, Kherson Regional Council First Deputy Head, the damage and the possible destruction of the bridge in further strikes will jeopardise Russian supplies, and make it hard for Russian forces as well as their collaborators to withdraw in case of a Ukrainian counteroffensive.

“Those few citizens of ours who hurried to sign up for a Russian passport have reasons to worry. The Armed Forces of Ukraine are close, friends,” Sobolevskyy wrote in a Facebook post. The bridge is still operational, but the councilman warned of using it unless in case of an emergency.

The Antonovskiy bridge is of key strategic importance. Its northern bridgehead is located in the town of Antonivka, a suburb just east of Kherson. The bridge spans 1,400 metres at a section of the river where it reaches a kilometre in width. There this is the last bridge on the Dnieper before the river’s mouth. The next river crossing upstream is located some 50 kilometres to the west across the hydroelectric dam in Nova Kahovka, and then the Dnieper widens into the Kakhovka Reservoir with a maximum width of 23 kilometres, which meanders for 240 kilometres northeast until it reaches the city of Zaporizhzhia. Citing the obstacle the river and the reservoir pose in both directions, the UK Ministry of Defence called the control of the Antonovskiy bridge and the Nova Kakhovka dam crossings of key the fighting in the region.

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