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Rock Rachon 19.07

In this episode of Rock Rachoń, the focus is on Germany’s energy sector, whether it can truly undergo a transformation by phasing out Russian gas or will it revert to doing business with Russia as if the war in Ukraine never started. The indisputable added value given to the Ukrainian army by the delivery of the HIMARS rocket systems and the Ukrainian forces’ ambitions to acquire Lockheed Martin-produced MGM-140 Army Tactical Missile System is also discussed.

European Union-level responses to gas shortages expected to hit the bloc in winter as the Russian gas pipeline Nord Stream 1 will not keep operating are also discussed on the show.

’Germany uses emotional blackmail to further federalisation of the EU

“No country can depend on itself,” German Economics Minister Robert Habeck said at a meeting of EU ministers responsible for energy in Luxembourg. “A supply crisis in one country leads to an economic crisis in another.”

Mr Habeck said he had signed a memorandum of understanding with his Eastern European counterparts to help each other with energy security.

In the programme, this is seen as an “emotional blackmail” with Germany redirecting its gas plight onto other EU members while projects are being written in the EU to accelerate the transformation of the union into a superstate federation.

Debunking MEP Daniel Freund’s calumny

Member of the European Parliament Daniel Freund of the Group of the Greens/European Free Alliance, seeing Poland and Hungary as autocratic regimes and internal threats to the EU, asks the European Parliament to act on it.

But the host of Rock Rachoń highlights the stark difference between genuinely authoritarian Russia which has been dropping bombs on civilians, among other atrocities of its device, and Poland and Hungary, which “clearly are not authoritarian states”.

The European Council’s proceedings against Poland over the rulings of the constitutional court, which ruled that national law enjoys precedence before EU law, are also tackled on the show.

Guest lineup

These and other issues are discussed with Edward Hunter Christie, a former NATO official, public policy expert and consultant, retired Lt Col Glen Grant, a defence and reform expert, a senior fellow at the UK Institute for Statecraft, and Matthew Tyrmand, a Polish-US economist, publicist and social activist.

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