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New tank destroyers to strengthen Polish forces in Suwałki region

Deputy Prime Minister and head of the Polish Defence Ministry, Mariusz Blaszczak has approved a contract for the delivery of Ottokar Brzoza tank destroyers to the Polish Army. The first prototypes will be ready as early as next year and will go to the 14th Anti-Tank Artillery Regiment based in Suwałki, the minister announced.

According to Mr Blaszczak, the delivery of tank destroyers will significantly strengthen the Polish Armed Forces.

“Our goal is to enrich the Polish Army by equipping it with these types of units. Each division shall include an anti-tank artillery regiment. The first vehicles, for now, the prototypes of tank destroyers, will be ready in 2023,” the Minister said.

The tank destroyer

The tank destroyers will be equipped with the Brimstone anti-tank guided missiles of highest quality and class. One battery will comprise eight vehicles, each of them capable of firing a salvo of eight missiles with a 12-kilometre range,” Mr Błaszczak stated.

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The missiles will be supplied by the UK. The Polish Defence Ministry wants the missiles to be manufactured in Poland in the future.

The primary task of the Ottokar Brzoza tank destroyers will be the destruction of armoured targets using anti-tank guided missiles, in all weather conditions, both day and night.

Combat readiness

“The units will be prepared to meet the requirements of today’s battlefield. What these requirements are, we know very well, because we observe the situation in Ukraine, we observe how Ukrainians are repelling the Russian invasion,” the Deputy Prime Minister stressed.

In turn, the head of the Polish Armaments Group (PGZ), Sebastian Chwałek, assured that the state-owned arms industry is prepared to carry out this project.

“Just like it was with the Borsuk Infantry Fighting Vehicles, we want all the procedures of introducing the new vehicles to the Polish Army, including the test phase, to be implemented at the military units’ level, which is why the 14th Anti-tank Artillery Regiment in Suwałki will be the first to receive them. We want the first batteries to reach operational readiness within the next three years at the latest, but I believe that it can be done quicker, and I hope the regiment in Suwałki will reach it in two years,” Mr Błaszczak said.

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