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Injured Ukrainian soldiers helped by Polish Humanitarian-Medical Aid Team

“Yesterday a group of 32 injured soldiers from Ukraine reached Poland. Their transportation and admission to 11 Polish hospitals was the first task carried out by the Humanitarian-Medical Aid Team,” the head of the Prime Minister’s Office announced on social media on Tuesday.

“Let’s remember that these young soldiers defending Ukraine are also defending Polish security,” Michał Dworczyk added.

Wczoraj do Polski dotarła grupa 32 rannych żołnierzy z 🇺🇦. Ich transport i rozmieszczenie w 11. polskich szpitalach był pierwszym zadaniem zrealizowanym przez Zespół Pomocy Humanitarno-Medycznej. Pamietajmy że ci młodzi żołnierze broniąc 🇺🇦 bronią również bezpieczeństwa 🇵🇱

— Michał Dworczyk (@michaldworczyk) July 19, 2022

The Humanitarian-Medical Aid Team was founded in 2022 for rescuing and evacuating Polish citizens who fall victim to accidents or other emergencies, as well as for providing assistance to them and their families.

The Humanitarian-Medical Aid Team is also tasked with assisting other countries in rescue operations on their home territory.

The team is expected to achieve its full operational capabilities no later than September 1, 2022.

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