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Poland demands tighter sanctions on Russia

Darek Delmanowicz/PAP

Poland has demanded the EU to impose stricter sanctions on Russia, to embrace gas, crude oil, banks, services, IT and overland/maritime transport, according to a PAP source.

Poland’s EU ambassador Andrzej Sados forwarded the demands at a meeting of the EU states’ envoys to the EU, called to discuss the European Commission’s latest sanction proposals, passed on Friday.

Among others, the new sanction package bans imports of Russian gold and restricts hi-tech exports to Russia.

Sados questioned the gold import ban for not extending over golden jewellery. He also appealed for an embargo on Russian LNG and products easily obtainable elsewhere, like steel semiproducts, bituminous compounds and furniture.

Sados also suggested sanctions on Russian military companies and propaganda agencies, and tighter restrictions on the Russian energy sector, especially oil and gas pipelines.

Poland also wants stricter financial sanctions on Moscow, especially the exclusion of further Russian banks from the SWIFT system.

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