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World News 17.07

Protests in front of Russian diplomatic missions on the eighth anniversary of the downing of MH-17, German Chancellor’s Social Democrats drop in polls, and wildfires ravage southern Europe. This and much more in the Sunday edition of World News

Heavy Russian rocket attacks against Ukraine

Russian forces are intensifying their attacks on the cities across eastern Ukraine. Russian limited stocks of ballistic missiles have once again been used to target the civilian population. TVP World’s correspondent Krzysztof Panek reported from Pokrovsk in Donbas.

State of Russian economy

As the war in Ukraine continues, countries around the world are implementing sanctions against the Russian aggressor. But the crucial question at this stage is: can these measures put a dent in Moscow’s economy?

Anti-Russian demonstration

This Sunday marks the 7th anniversary of the MH-17 airliner tragedy. 8 years ago, the Malaysian airline’s flight was shot down above Ukraine by a Russian missile. Protesters outside Russian diplomatic missions in 25 cities worldwide demanded justice for the innocent victims of the attack.

Eight die in Plane crash in Greece

A Ukrainian-operated cargo plane crashed near the Greek city of Kavala. There were eight individuals on board, and according to local media, none of them made it out alive. According to authorities, the cargo in question was Serbian-made weapons en route to Bangladesh.

Looming gas crisis

The European Union will encourage its member states to reduce their demand for natural gas. The announcement came amidst rising tensions in the energy market caused by Russia’s use of natural resources to achieve political gains.

SPD drops in polls to third spot

In the latest polls, Germany’s ruling Social Democrats came in third, behind the Christian Democrats and the Greens. It is the first time in the history of Germany that the incumbent chancellor’s party came third in the polls. According to the “Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung”, chancellor Olaf Scholz may be to blame for the latest dip in popularity.

Dissatisfaction in Sri Lanka

After months of simmering anger, crowds of Sri Lankans stormed the official residences of the president and prime minister last week. The dramatic events followed Sri Lanka’s economic collapse, with President Gotabaya Rajapaksa fleeing the country.

Inflation on the rise in Canada

Canadians are starting to feel the pressure of rising food and energy prices. The country’s inflation rate reached 7.7 per cent for the first time in almost four decades.

Southern Europe ablaze

Fires blaze across Spain and Portugal as Europe swelters under a scorching heat wave. Italy is also experiencing a record heatwave and a drought. These in turn have sparked wildfires which are now spreading across the country.

World News’ guest

Amidst the brewing European energy crisis, Germany is bracing for what may prove to be a major government scandal. According to a Swedish expert, the authorities may have misled the public as to the pros and cons of phasing out nuclear power. The result: Germany insists on closing all remaining reactors down despite the only alternative being fossil fuels. TVP World’s guest, Viktor Savinok from the Centre for East European and International Studies, explains why would the German leadership choose to disregard available evidence and push for the closure of the power plants at all costs.

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