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China attacks Russia to free it from fascism? YouTube cartoon ridicules Russian propaganda

In a new episode of the YouTube cartoon Masyanya, China is invading Russia to free it from fascism. With the same pretext, the Kremlin argued the aggression against Ukraine launched on February 24.

“The episode is aimed at Russians who support the war in Ukraine,” said sitcom author Oleg Kuvaev, quoted by Radio Free Europe. “What is going on in their heads is completely incomprehensible,” he added.

“The aim of the episode is to criticize the war against Ukraine and to ridicule the unfounded accusations used before its start,” explained Radio Free Europe.

The episode depicts Russian propaganda in à-rebours fashion, in which f.e. a Chinese official says “There are no such people as Russians” and states “Russians are a mix of Tatars and Ugrians, their whole culture is stolen, and their language is garbled Ukrainian!”. This sentence reflects the nonsense of the “historical arguments” given by Putin to justify the invasion of Ukraine.

The episode presents, among others bombing of cities, hiding civilians in shelters and mass evacuations from areas affected by military operations, referring to the current situation in Ukraine.

Russian media regulation agency Roskomnadzor, after having demanded the creators of Masyanya to pull satiric episodes, had banned the series after accusing the creators of circulating false information about the conflict.

Kuvaev, who currently lives in Israel, had circumvented the takedown of the original webpage by creating a mirror site, but the authorities continue to threaten Kuvaev with complete blocking of his Internet content.

You can watch the full episode of the cartoon with English subtitles here .

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