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Torrential rains flood multiple cities in China

Heavy torrential rains in China have been causing floods in various parts of the country triggering an emergency response to protect the safety of life and property.

In Longnan City, northwest China’s Gansu Province, firefighters rescued three people trapped in a swollen river after a sudden downpour on Friday night. The rescuers used drones to reach the three men stuck on the sandpile in the middle of the 70-meters-wide Taishihe River, and escorted them across the river.

Qingyang City of the province, also suffered from heavy rain on the same day, with the maximum rainfall reaching 365.6 mm. Local fire departments dispatched groups of firefighters to rescue the stranded people as well as to drain the flood. The deluge has submerged a factory near the Qingcheng high-speed railway station, stranding a worker in the thigh-high water. The rescue team lowered a firefighter to the scene by a crane, and broke the roof of the plant to make an escape route.

In the Sanshilipu County of Qingyang, firefighters received an emergency call from a family of four, which was stuck in the slit swept to the road by the rain. After 30 minutes of trudging, they managed to transfer the four, including the elderly and the child, to a safe place. The flash floods also blocked traffic in some sections. Rescue teams set out to resume the traffic, speeding up the drainage and cleaning up the roads by various means.

In Guangping County, Handan City of north China’s Hebei Province, a rainstorm lasted nearly two hours on Saturday morning, flooding part of the urban roads. In response, sanitation workers were sent to the scenes to clear the drainage outlets and open manhole covers to speed up drainage. Currently, the storm has turned to light rain, and the drainage work is still continuing in the city.

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